How to Register Avita Laptop Warranty

Hi, Avita Laptop Users do you want to register the warranty of your Avita Laptop then follow the below steps and register for avita laptop warranty. also, know when will your warranty expire?

avita warranty register

If you buy any Avita Laptop series then maybe you need to register the warranty. if you will register for a warranty then you will be able to see the warranty expiry date of your avita laptop.

Step 1. Visit this link or hit at the above image then you will redirect for signup account if you already create an account the need to sign in. I think you haven’t created an account yet so, first create an account. (Sign Up)

if you visit elsewhere by the link then close that and click again on the link ( then click on Sign Up.

Step 2. Fill in your details like Nickname, Gender, create a password, email, and select country then check both boxes and Join Now.

step 3. now you have successfully created an account now click on “Product Registration

Step 4. Select Product type I think your product will laptop so select “Notebook

Step 5. then automatic show below one more box in this select your series (Magus, Essential, Liber, Pura, Admiror)

Step 6. now one more automatic show box below now select product number this product number you can find on official website or any Amazon and choose your product and go below description section there mentioned number.

Step 7. now one more below the box you have to enter the Model number that model number you can also find on or Amazon or Flipkart.

Step 8. Now one more below box, enter a serial number, the serial number mention on the back side of your laptop.

example – serial number

Step 9. reseller name – check on Amazon or Flipkart, from where you had bought. I think you have bought from Avita Store then enter Avita Store.

Step 10. Purchase Date – purchase date you can find on your amazon account from where you had bought.

now save finally and go my product there you will see your product.

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